Who we are?

Complices de Loire it’s all about the wine passion

Complices de Loire is an association of two vine growers and winemakers from Loire Valley, François-Xavier Barc et Gérald Vallée.


The complices

Originated from Loire Valley, François-Xavier Barc, made his studies in Chinon and Saint-Emilion wine regions. Surrounded with the wine growers who share the same philosophy and a wine passion, he has been creating around 15 cuvées divided into 3 different wine ranges

Gérald Vallée comes from a long line of winemakers. He manages his family owned Domaine de la Cotelleraie situated in the heart of Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil.


The philosophy that combines Tradition and modernity

Our goal is to propose wines that associate complexity and an immediate pleasure. That’s why our portfolio is composed with fresh, fruity and easy to pair wines. They are mainly produced in stainless steel tanks in order to emphasize the fruit expression.

These wines are cultivated using the integrated or organic farming. At the same time, we have other range of limited cuvées that are produced in French oak barrels or amphoras.

We invite you to discover our 3 wine ranges.
Traditional wine range, organic wine range and confidential wine range.